This blog seeks to explore human rights issues in the field of healthcare, particularly in hospitals, residental homes and hospices, in both a domestic and international context.

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  1. I was told an interesting piece of information about the PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) today which made me think even more about reasons individuals are reluctant to complain about maltreatment in hospital settings. The lady I was speaking to explained that during her most recent stay in hospital the level of care she received was far below adequate (the details of which I cannot relay here). Her family had become concerned about her treatment and approached the PALS service, in the belief that PALS can 'help resolve concerns or problems when you are using the NHS.'

    Unfortunately, for the patient, the PALS representative who approached her was the sister on the ward; one of the individuals who had been providing the poor healthcare, and one of the ones she wished to complain about! I don't know whether this is the practice around the country - I would be interested to hear if it is the case. If so, it seems to me rather unfair and could add to the widespread reluctance to complain. Surely there should be a more 'independent' person to deal with such matters. Do you agree?